Interested in Joining?

ISing is nothing without singers – but we also depend heavily on our non-singing volunteers. If you feel the urge to become a part of what we’re doing, read on to find out more and get in touch with us to learn about the next steps.


Of course we’re looking for singers with talent, but more than that we’re looking for singers with passion, energy, and tenacity. ISing is a 100% volunteer organization so without our singers working their tails off, we wouldn’t be able to put on the high-quality shows that ISing is known for.

No Auditions

Really. There’s no auditions. You don’t have to prepare a piece or prove that you’re good enough. For potential singers we have a meeting where the Artistic Director listens to each person sing along with the piano to determine their vocal range. That’s it. No, really.

But (you knew it was coming), the choir is constantly pushing its maximum size (80 singers). In a given season there may or may not be any open spots. That’s not to brag, but to let you know that if you aren’t invited to join the choir it’s not a reflection on your ability as much as the current needs of the choir.

Hard Workers

More than simply looking for people who can sing, we’re looking for people that want to work. We rehearse once a week, but the music we’re singing often requires much more work than that. We want to sing with people who are willing and able to put in the work to learn their music.

We also have countless non-singing things that need to get done. So we’re looking for people who can not only help us musically, but who also want to pitch in and help with all of the other things that need to happen for the choir to continue to grow and thrive.

Singer Responsibilities

Singers pay a $35 fee each season (there are two seasons a year) to pay for music. They’re also responsible for getting either a dress (for the women) or a tuxedo (for the men) to wear at concerts. Singers need to participate in 75% of the scheduled rehearsals (Tuesdays from 7:30 to 9:15pm with a Saturday retreat early in the season and a Sunday rehearsal late in the season).


As our organization grows we have more and more need for non-singers to help us. We need ushers, sound technicians, lighting technicians, ticket takers, and more.

The choir rehearses once a week. Rehearsals are held on Tuesdays from 7:30 to 9:15 pm at Bethel Congregational United Church of Christ on 5th and Watson in Beaverton. You are encouraged to visit a rehearsal to get the feel for how things go before making the commitment to join.

How to Join

ISing Choir is currently full, but we do have waiting list.  Please contact our Choir Manager.

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