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ISing Choir accepts new members prior to each season, typically in August and December.  We are an enthusiastic group that loves to make great music together, and we always welcome new members, especially tenors and basses.  If you'd like information about joining us, please submit this form. 

Thank you. The Choir Manager will be in touch prior to our next season, typically August and December.

  • The choir rehearses on Tuesday evenings at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 2201 SW Vermont St in Portland. 

  • There are two seasons per year - September through early December and January through early May. 

  • The member fees are $50 per season.  

  • Members are responsible for purchasing performance attire.  Dresses are available from the choir for $95-$105 (dependent on size) and tuxedos are provided by the singer.

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ISing's repertoire is very diverse and represents many cultures, languages, and styles.  Check out what we've done in the past.

Get notices of upcoming events and other ISing news. 

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